Applications for 2015 Gala at the Riverhouse

Appy to the 2016 Gala at the Riverhouse
Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to the 2016 Gala at The Riverhouse Committee to be considered as the event beneficiary. The application process is open to any established not-for-profit entity serving in Central Oregon.
Priority Consideration will be given to Applicants that can most effectively leverage Gala Resources and are willing to be actively involved in the Gala promotion and production:
1. Capital Campaigns and/or permanent facility applicants will receive priority consideration.
2. Sustainability of the allocated resources will receive priority consideration (Gala Funds will be used as an endowment, rather than one-time infusion of funds)
3. Priority will further be given to capital projects with long-term worth and benefit to the community.
4. Preference will be given to initiation of new projects, or to completion of existing projects.   Start-up projects will be considered with proven support.
5. Preference will be given to projects benefiting people in need and social services.
6. Preference will be given to a project that has the demonstrated resources/contacts to support the Gala ticket sales, Silent Auction donations/procurement and entertainment solicitation/procurement.
The beneficiary will also be required to acquire appropriate items for the Silent Auction that will take place the night of the Gala. Although this is time consuming it creates great opportunities to raise funds.  The beneficiary will be required to demonstrate that they have the volunteer base to accomplish this goal.
The ability to generate matching funds or matching cash donations is a plus.  It is important to note that 100% of all proceeds go directly to the beneficiary.  The more successful the event, the greater the proceeds dedicated to the beneficiary.
7. Demonstrated community-wide support for the program.
Beneficiary Applicant Proposal should include the following information:
• Program Name, Applicant Name / Signature, Applicant Email Address Applicant Contact Phone Number(s)
A written financial plan, budget, timeline and detailed overview of the program.
List of committee, board of directors, advisory board who oversee the program.
An explanation of the front-end commitment of significant support from the beneficiary to ensure the long-term stability of the program.
Detailed explanation of program that outlines
a)   How the Gala funds will be utilized.
b)   Any matching/complementary funds that can be utilized.
Letters of support indicating broad-based impact upon Central Oregon.
Any details that identify the compelling need or benefit from funding receipt.
Application Period Opens: January 5, 2015 (Monday) 
Application Period Closes: January 30, 2015 (Friday)
Beneficiary interviews: To be determined
Please fill out all of the above, attach all requested application materials along with four copies, and return your completed application packet to the address below NO LATER THAN JANUARY 30, 2015.
The Riverhouse
Attn:  Marketing Manager
3075 N. Business 97
Bend, OR 97701

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