Summer Pet Travel Tips So Your Furry Friends Enjoy Their Vacation

Many people will be packing up the family and taking trips across the country to enjoy new sights and entertainment. Since many people consider their pets an important part of the family, these furry friends will also be making the trip. To ensure your pets are taken care of and do not get sick or injured while traveling, here are a few summer pet travel tips to consider so your pet also has a happy time on vacation.

Tip 1: Think And Plan Ahead

Before putting the leash on Fido or placing Fluffy into the cat carrier, you need to call ahead to ensure that you can actually take your pet along on the trip. Some resort destinations and camping grounds have a strict "No Pet Allowed" policy, including some airlines due to health and safety concerns.

Search for pet friendly hotels that not only welcome animals, but provide some amenities to make caring for your furry friends easier. Also call the airline if you are taking your pet by air. Some airlines will not ship pets during the summer months because of the heat or may restrict your travel to early morning or late evening hours.

Tip 2: Have All The Essentials When Traveling By Car

Car travel with the pet can be very stressful for everyone. For your pet to have a relaxing trip, bring toys, pet food and water from home. Your pet is used to eating your food and will properly digest it better, minimizing motion sickness. Try to travel with a pet that has an empty stomach unless you will be on the road for long hours. Then give your pet smaller feeding portions so their stomachs handle it better.

Let your pets have toys to play with in the car so they remain calm. A favorite blanket or old shirt on the seat or in their carrier allows them to feel comfortably and nap during the trip.

Tip 3: Get Some Exercise Before Going On Vacation

Tired pets will be calmer during the trip and more relaxed because they used up all their pent-up energy. Have a romping playtime with your pet before you pack them in the carrier, cage, crate or pet harness. Happy pets will also associate trips with having a fun playtime as you can continue the routine for every vacation so your pet becomes used to the experience.

Tip 4: Have A Pet Emergency Kit Available

Even your pet can become injured during your vacation. Have a pet emergency kit with bandages, splints, tweezers, and medication suited for your pet. You'll be able to give them proper treatment before taking them to the nearest pet hospital. Your healthy pet will thank you for taking the kit along on your vacation even if you don't end up using it.